About Us
History / Purpose

The LUC stores (LOJINHA, UNIKA and CASABLANCA) have been engaged in the retail trade for more than 30 years, namely the sale of clothing, footwear and fashion accessories for adults and children of various national and international brands .
Over the years, innovation and quality have always been part of our concerns, not only at the level of the facilities we have been improving and modernizing, but also at the level of the brands we have been representing.

In this framework, we aim to continuously improve our performance and create the conditions to offer our customers the excellence in service and products.
We aim, through personalized service and allied to a group of quality brands, to satisfy the needs of your whole family.


LUC intends to maintain its orientation to the Fashion Market in order to promote Customer satisfaction and loyalty, as well as continuously improve its performance and create the conditions to offer its customers the excellence in service and products.

  • Efficiency: To continuously improve our performance, having established yearly quality objectives that ensure the involvement of all employees.
  • Ambition: Organizational dynamics, in the sense of creating and developing new goals that stimulate and challenge the company in the satisfaction and loyalty of its clients.
  • Responsibility: To respect principles of sustainable economic, social and environmental development. Involving workers, customers, suppliers and other institutions.

Client support

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